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Whatever your query UNISON Sussex Partnership Branch has the officers, stewards and reps for you just a phone call away.


Every day this team is working hard to defend and represent its members. But remember, our branch is only as strong as its members.


We need people in branch posts and as stewards and health & safety reps in our 180 locations across this vast, ever expanding Trust.


To paraphrase a certain American President: “And so, my fellow Unison members: ask not what your union can do for you — ask what you can do for your union”.


Unison Sussex Partnership Branch

Branch Office
Arundel Road
West Sussex
BN13 3EP


Telephone: 01903 695129

Email: mail@unison-sussexpartnership.org.uk

Web: www.unison-sussexpartnership.org.uk


National UNISON number: 0800 0857 857


If you would like to contact us via email please fill in the box