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WHATEVER YOUR QUERY UNISON SUSSEX PARTNERSHIP BRANCH has the officers, stewards and reps for you just a phone call away.

Every day this team is working hard to defend and represent its members from individual case work to collective issues around terms and conditions and health and safety. We have representation across all the staff side meetings in the Trust, working hard to be the voice of our members and staff.

But remember, we are only as strong as the members we represent and we are only as knowledgable as the feedback from members we get.  

If you have an issue or would like to proivide us with some feedback, then please drop us a line. The most effective way is to use the contacts on the Branch Committee poster which can be found in our Notice Board section in the Engage page, which can be found here: 


For general enquiries:

Unison Sussex Partnership Branch

General Office
Mill View Hospital
Nevill Avenue
East Sussex

Telephone: 01273 621984 x202440


Please note if you are on the SPFT email system you are best contacting our reps through that.



National UNISON number: 0800 0857 857