What we do

DAY IN, DAY OUT BRANCH WORKS TIRELESSLY ON BEHALF of our members throughout Sussex Partnership, with case workers on hand to provide support to those of you who are in third sector employers. We are there representing members both individually and collectively at every level of Sussex Partnership. We both defend our members interests whilst being proactive in initiating ideas and suggestions that can improve terms and conditions and health and safety of all staff.

UNISON reps always look to partnership work first with the Trust, but if necessary we always stand behind the interest of our members first and foremost. 

We are a campaigning Branch, taking part in national issues as well as local concerns: always seeking to improve the working experience of our members, which ultimately benefit the people who use our services. 

The NHS is a rewarding and challenging environment. Ultimately we come into work to do the best job we can. UNISON Branch is there to ensure the employer gives you the best opportunity to do the best job you can. We are UNISON: Your friend at work. 


Keep up to date

WE ARE NOTHING WITHOUT YOUR FEEDBACK. Ultimately Branch cannot represent you if we dont know what your views on your work experience is. We take the position that in your role, you are the expert.

Alongside this website we have a number of ways in which you can keep in touch with Branch. For those who like social media of we have Facebook and Twitter accounts which you can access on the right of this page. We have an internal email bulletin called The Fiver, which is our most effective form of communication. If you do not recieve The Fiver, for those of you in Sussex Partnership please contact Nicholas McMaster, Branch Secretary, on the internal email system. If you are not on this email system please use the Contact Page on this website to email us your details. 

Above all, even though we have many workplace reps in this Branch do not assume we know everything going on, so always get in touch if you have concerns or information about, or ideas for, your workplace.